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Audition day

First American Idogs Dan and his dog Tango

Casting call for dogs in Florida!


You and your dog could be stars in the
biggest dog entertainment show in America!

See our application form at bottom of this page

WANTED!!! Several good teams!!!
Are you a team player? You and your dog could be stars!
Do you have experience in
agility, Flying disk, dog tricks, games, canine musical freestyle or other dog sports?
Want to show the world what your dog can do? This casting is for you!

Introducing:  The American Idogs National Performance Team. We are starting our recruitment process for our upcoming National tour. We need 12 more trainers with up to 24 dogs per show and that, just for the core team. The American Idogs canine performance show is simply the biggest dog entertainment show production in America!.

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Watch for more audition day in a city near you:

Fort Lauderdale Done
– Jacksonville TBA
– Fort Myers  TBA
– Atlanta Ga. TBA

 Audition requirement:

Large or small dogs less than 10 y/o that are good with kids. Handlers and dog teams with great abilities in agility, Fly ball, canine musical freestyle, rally, Disk dog, dog tricks, obedience, etc. Rescues, mutts cute or not and purebreds, show us your stuff! Professional dog trainers welcome!

-Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccines, in good health, and well socialized to be around other dogs.

– Future ambassador of the American Idogs team must have the ability to:

– Work in a team environment.
– Must be able to work under strict time line and pressure.
– Great personality and smile.
–  Be flexible and willing to be coached.
– Enjoy being around other people, kids and dogs.
– Be physically able to handle their own dog.
– You also must be able to adapt to any situation that might happen in a show environment.
– No prong, choke or punitive training methods.  Positive training methods only!

Selected teams will receive: Free training, uniforms, food, transportation,compensation and more for each appearance in our official shows.

 What if my dog is not really talented but very cute?

We can still use them! From time to time we need just cute dogs in the show. For example two of our actual team members are Shih Tzu they don’t do much but are so funny to watch and crowds absolute  favorite. However they must behave extremely well with people an other dogs. We could also work with them in our casting division for photos, magazines and on our own website and Facebook fan page.

What to expect at the audition?
– First relax. If you are stressed out you will transfer that to your dog.
– Bring what you need to perform. If you have props bring them. Need specific music bring it.
– Could be long day so be patient.

What will I have to do?
Well you will be ask to show what your dog can do in a 90 second solo, then some group exercises, agility run, obedience exercises, and improvisation. Your dog will also be evaluated for is abilities to work in a show environment, kids, public, camera etc.

What if me or my dog screw up in one of the requested exercises?
Doesn’t mean you won’t be selected. Team members need to show ”the Smile in face of disaster” attitude and personality requested to be in our National Performance Team. In all cases your reaction and how you ”’deal” with the situation will make a big difference between been selected or not. Showmanship is a must.

When will I know if I’m selected?
If selected you will be contacted later on this year and may be asked to participate in a test show.

Pre-registration only for auditions.

If you think you have what we are looking for contact Dan now at 954-829-3274
or fill up the below
form with a photo of your dog in attachment. You can also send us a short video of what your dog can do (2 min. max) to casting at

Inscription for audition and casting. Please attach a photo of you and your dog (MAX ONE MEG) in a doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png format. After completing the form you will be redirected to our home page

* indicates required field

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ARE YOU a non profit organization and you are HOSTING A PET EVENT OR DOG DAY?

If so we have a great plan for non profit organization to help you out with your fund raising event.

We are on the look out to add more city and event for audition day tour. If you would like to partner with us for your event contact us directly now at 954-82nine-3274


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