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National family dog entertainment show

It’s time to learn how to dance with your dog! Seminar with Dan in Tampa, FL








Friday, Aug. 12th  5PM til 9 PM. $45-Nonclub members /$40-Club members
Auditing $25 Members
This segment is for Beginner to Intermediate.
-1. Is your music selection really the good one? 5 ways to tell.
-2. The who, what, where, when and why of doing canine musical freestyle.
-3. How choosing the wrong song hurts your chances for earning a leg without you knowing it.
-4. What make a reward rewarding?
-5. How to use the casino effect and the gradient reward system effectively in your training session.
-6. Transform you dog into a canine musical freestyle dancer.

Saturday, August 13th Day Two  9 AM –4 PM $85 Nonclub Members Auditing $45 $ 80 Club Members or $120 for both Seminars
This segment is for Beginner to Advanced.

-1. Composition of a routine. For most dog trainers the composition of routines or dance is the most difficult part.                                                                                                                                                                                  -2. How to transform your routine into a “WOW” routine.
-3. Which tools to use and add to your training ‘’tool box’’.
-4. What you must do immediately when creating a routine to get top scores.
-5. The what, where, and when to do your moves in your routine.
-6. Position and traveling line. How to work the ring to your advantage.
-7. Free Secret tool to edit your music in a flash.

This seminar is very interactive and participants will get involved in each segment. We will go from video and audio presentations, to practicing with the dogs. Participants are invited to bring their music selection on a CD (one or two songs only per CD) and costume or costume ideas and their dogs.

A word about Dan:
Daniel Ratay has trained dogs for over 20 years. Founder and producer of the national family dog entertainment show The American Idogs Show, he is also a member of and the only judge in the state of Florida for the World Canine Musical Freestyle Organization. Daniel is known to bring your energy to different levels and put you out of your comfort zone to make you break the wall of your limitations.

Good or Good?
Subject to change based on number and knowledge level of attendees.
Get ready for a great weekend!

Name __________________________​____Dog’s Name______________________​___
State Zip_______________________​__________________________​_________

Please make checks payable to: DTCT
Mail to: Cindy Little Amt. Enclosed
P. O. Box 2448
Land O Lakes, FL 34639

(Please initial each paragraph)
_____ I understand that dog training is not without risk to my dog, myself, members of my family, or guests who may attend activities. I understand that injury may occur as a result of exposure to other dogs even if handled with the greatest amount of care.
_____ I hereby waive and release Daniel Ratte and the Dog Training Club of Tampa (DTCT), their heirs, agents and assigns, from any and all liability of any nature, for any injury I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not limited to, any injury or damage which I or my dog may sustain or damage to any property I possess, including specifically, but not limited to, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog or the operation or failure of any training equipment. I expressly assume the risk of any such damage while attending any training activity or using the facilities provided.
_____ In consideration of and as an inducement to the acceptance of my application for enrollment in this workshop, offered by DTCT and Daniel Ratte, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Daniel Ratte, agents and ;DTCT from any and all claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me to any club activity or while using the facilities provided, or surrounding area thereof, as a result of any action of any dog, including my own, any other animal, the operation or failure of any training equipment, or any other action or condition.
_____ I hereby certify that my dog(s) is vaccinated in accordance with State laws, including a current Rabies vaccination.



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