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AmericanIDOGS.comWho is American IDOGS?

American Idogs!

Group picture American Idogs team members 2010 

What is American Idogs the show?
Take a bit of American Idol the tour, a slice of Dancing with the Stars, a drop of Disney on Ice and a pinch of Harlem Globetrotters. Now bring it on with talented and terrific four-legged entertainers, and you have …

Our stars are definitely great dogs, but- most of all they’re the special friends and family pets of the trainers who star in our shows. Our team is now composed of many amazing dogs of all breeds with 70% of them coming from different shelters and rescue organizations plus our new acquisition K9-STEIN our mascot who’s an absolute kid’s favorite. From Shit-Tzu to Rottweiler we got them all and the most amazing things is that they all work together and have a lot of fun doing it.
AMERICAN IDOGS performers love to run, jump, play and even dance. They also demonstrate instinctive spontaneity and heartwarming enthusiasm that make every performance fun for the whole family! Every AMERICAN IDOGS exhibition showcases the humor and cleverness unique to “man’s best friend”.

AMERICAN IDOGS shows are suspenseful, dramatic, exciting and fun. The upbeat music, special effects and non-stop action will keep you laughing and cheering throughout the entire show. Our show is a wholesome family fun for kids of all ages, from puppies to great-grandpaws!

Since 2007 we have done show and demo in south Florida for organization like:
- Humane society of Broward with our Free Fun zone and the ‘’Show me what your dog can do’’ contest that I have hosted for the last 5 years.
-We were also one of the main attractions on 2007-2008-2009 at Markham Park Petpalooza for their 6000 visitors.
- 2007-2008 Middle River dog day for 2 years. 500 visitors
- 2007-2008-2009 Barkpalooza in Plantation Fl.
- 2009 Bark at The Park presentation at the Marlins stadium.
- 2009 Riverwalk Mutts and Martini’s fund raising event for the humane society.
- 2010 Dog day festival of Boca Raton, where American Idogs was the main attraction.

Upcoming show
- April 30 2010 Special presentation on the field 20 minutes before the Baseball game of the Florida Marlins at the Sun Live Stadium for their 25000 fans.

- November 2010 TBA

American Idogs!

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