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Lure coursing workout

Now Lure coursing workout for fun open to the public
NO experience necessary, all breeds all sizes.
Big or small they love it all!
Great for dog who;
– need to loose weight.
-have frustration – aggressivity or stress issues!


Lure chasing for fun event in
Fort Lauderdale at Sunview park

Check our calendar for schedule of events or our FB page

See you  fall 2019

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GREAT NEWS! Be creative!
Don’t know what to do with your breed specific group or any other group of people who own dogs? We are now open for private lure parties from 12:00 p.m. till 2 p.m. every Saturday till June. Just you and your friends for a dog’s birthday, reunion or just for the fun of it for 2 hours. (Minimum 15 dogs).

For details and reservation contact us privately.

Also we are now offering our 200 ft Lure coursing ring services to any dog day, pet expo or any outside dog event in the state of Florida.
Contact us for availability and prices.

Now open to the public and their dogs

Open to every dog owners with any breed of dog at really low cost. Give your dog a chance to loose those extra pounds and get back in shape a dog way.

Because of the high volume expected preregistration is highly recommended.

Things to bring:

  • Water and a water dish for your dog and cooling collar or vest specially at temperature over 86 degrees F.
  • A secure collar and leash for the dog
  • Clothing for you and protection for your dog suitable for the potential variation in weather for our area at that time of year (shade if the weather is hot is the most important.)
  • A chair and or canopy if needed.
  • Lunch (it can be a very long morning for some of you)
  • The use of a crate with a cooling fan is highly recommended.
  • Positively No flexi leashes

What is proper lure coursing etiquette?

Keep your dog on a short leash. If your dog is very excited keep it far enough away so that it does not distract the running dogs. Don’t allow it to approach other participants dogs and “get in their faces”. Dogs that are excited by the lure may be rather jumpy and even predatory. Don’t interfere with the dogs of another owner. This includes not offering food or water to dogs that are running. Some dogs can become very ill if run on full stomachs.

Are these events appropriate places for young children?
Not really, unless you bring along a person to tend to the young children. If you are participating at a lure field course you may be there for a while and unsupervised children can quickly become bored.  Almost all the people  are there to run their dogs. Many of the dogs come from childless homes and are not socialized on children.

The Rules at our Lure Coursing

We have a few simple rules that you are required to follow to make sure it’s fun for everyone…

1. No human aggressive dogs allowed Period. Any dogs displaying aggressive towards people will be asked to leave (with no refund).
2. Dogs who are aggressive with other dogs are allowed but we expect you to keep them under control AT ALL TIME. If it’s the case a muzzle is highly recommended .
3. All dogs must be kept under control. Remember – not every dogs like other dogs getting in their face or sniffing private areas. Please do not allow your dog to go nose-to-nose with another dog unless you have their owner’s permission.
4. All dogs must be ON LEASH at all times except when running the lure. That means you put the leash on BEFORE they get out of the car and before they get out of the gated field. We are located  on a busy park and don’t want any accidents.
5. 100% No flexi leashes.
6. There are no refunds once your dog enters the field – even if they don’t want to run.
7. A signed waiver must be presented before your dog can run. Waivers are available at welcome table.
The waiver form must be filled and signed before access to the filed by you and your dog can be granted. NO form NO access.
8. We will provide water for drinking and cooling your dogs (bowls, pools and a hose).
9. Please clean up after your dog. It is extremely difficult to find a field like the one we have right now that allow dogs events. With that comes great responsibilities to show the administration that we deserved to be there. We always have extra bags available if you need one. Park is under constant video surveillance. Offenders will be given a first warning. At the second warning you will be asked to leave the field and be banned from ever coming back to our events.
10. If you bring children, please keep them under control at ALL TIME. Don’t allow them to wander all over the place or let them touch others dogs. Some dogs simply have no idea what breed are those little things walking on 2 legs and might be scare of them.
11. For the dog safety make sure that your dog is in good shape and that his tow nails are cut short enough to avoid any injuries while running the field. Because of their difficulty to breed lure is not recommended for any flat nose breeds.
12.When you are taking the dog out of the field make sure to walk them and water them with the hose or use the pool. That will help them a lot to cool down faster. Any over heating dogs will be refused access to the field. If the ring officer think your dog is not ready or if he think he might overheat on the field.
13. Public restrooms are usually available on site.
14. Please park on parking lot only, don’t leave any valuable object on seats and lock your doors. Handicap parking is available on the lot but doesn’t mean it will be close to the field.
15. When weather gets warmer we have pools available to help the dogs to cool down. You are required to give your dog at least a 25 min. break between each run. If your dog’s belly, inner ears are pinky or red or if the tongue is hanging on the side and he has difficulty to breathing, your dog is not ready and can be refused access to the field by the field officer.

Located at Sunview Park in Fort Lauderdale our dog lure coursing event are held in a safe and gated environment. Easy access for all dog owners from Plantation, Davie, Hollywood, Sunrise,  Ft Lauderdale, Cooper city, Lauderhill and Weston dog owners in Broward county our south Florida area.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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