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dog dancing workshop

Canine Musical Freestyle workshop

Upcoming Canine Musical Freestyle seminar and competition
There is a Canine Musical Freestyle competition coming in Florida in April 2012. I know that some of you would like to go but need more practice in this dog sport.

The first Canine Musical Freestyle Seminar of 2013 will be presented soon.
This workshop is for absolute Beginner to Intermediate.

What will you learn Saturday:
-1. Is your music selection really the good one? 5 ways to tell.
-2. The who, what, where, when and why of doing canine musical freestyle.
-3. How choosing the wrong song hurts your chances for earning a leg without you knowing it.
-4. What make a reward rewarding?
-5. How to use the casino effect and the gradient reward system effectively in your training session.
-6. Transform you dog into a canine musical freestyle dancer.

-1. Composition of a routine. For most dog trainers the composition of routines or dance is the most difficult part.
-2. How to transform your routine into a “WOW” routine.
-3. Which tools to use and add to your training ‘’tool box’’.
-4. What you must do immediately when creating a routine to get top scores.
-5. The what, where, and when to do your moves in your routine.
-6. Position and traveling line. How to work the ring to your advantage.
-7. Free Secret tool to edit your music in a flash.

This seminar is very interactive and participants will get involved in each segment. We will go from video and audio presentations, to practicing with the dogs. Participants are invited to bring their music selection on a CD (one or two songs only per CD) and costume or costume ideas and their dogs.

A word about Dan:
Daniel Ratay has trained dogs for over 20 years. Founder and producer of the national family dog entertainment show The American Idogs Show, he is also a member and the only judge in the state of Florida for the World Canine Musical Freestyle Organization. Daniel is known to bring your energy to different levels and put you out of your comfort zone to make you break the wall of your limitations.

Good or Good?
Subject to change based on number and knowledge level of attendees.
Get ready for a great weekend!

Cost is $125 for both days with dog (Max15) and $85 for auditor only (max)
8 team have already sign up for it so register now!
For question and registration call: 954-8-two-9-3274 now!

What people have to say about our last Freestyle seminar:
– All information was great and useful.
Anne Maskell Tampa.

– I feel more confident and now have some tools to use to improve our performance. I loved all the
hands on stuff with the dogs!
Janet Skinner Tampa.

– This seminar as given me tools to practicing and composing a routine.
Rosemary Turner. St- Pete.

– Better idea of what and definitely how to train. The program exceed expectations!
Susan Jackson Tampa.

– Fantastic to have learned so many new things.
Andrea Carter St-Pete.

For info and registration contact Dan directly at 954-8-two-9-3274
Visa M.C accepted

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